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“Navigating Complexity: The Amber Compass”


23 Novembre 2017

Salone Storico | ore 10:40


Innovation means introducing something fundamentally better. Better in dealing with the customer’s
problem, the time to market pressure, the quality of our execution etc. Today, the most important
challenge that we need to become better at is the constant increase of complexity. Everything is connected
to everything else, reacting to everything else. We cannot understand the whole problem anymore. We
cannot predict the precise outcome of our actions. We cannot fully eradicate mistakes.
For now, we are competent in dealing with ordered environments: standardisation, procedures, best
practices – the majority of our practices assume, or impose, an ordered reality. But with increasing VUCA,
we all understand that we need fundamentally different ways in dealing with complex environments.
Innovation of our methods, but first of all innovation of our understanding, and of the principles underlying
our actions.
Over the last years, Bernhard has developed, on the basis of complexity science, the Amber Compass: a
basic set of mental models, principles and activities that form the core of our “complexity savvyness”. In
this talk, he is going to present it and show how it can be put to practice.

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